Give a listen...
Posted by Kevin Salwen on 02.05.2010Share

Our appearance this afternoon on PRI's The World with host Marco Worman.

More cities, Kevin? You are building yet another "charity administration" that wastes money on promotional travel. Joan should know this economy of scale from working at Accenture. As former presidents Bush & Clinton say, "Just give donations to the Red Cross." Or doesn't that make you feel fuzzy enough? Oh, right - the Red Cross doesn't sell your book.
Posted by Mark at 2:57pm on 02.09.2010

Thanks, Sam. Would love to get there. Trying to work out more cities and will definitely put updates in our tour schedule. (It's hard matching up with a high school junior's schedule :-))
Posted by Kevin at 12:39pm on 02.06.2010

Great job guys. I noticed that you have tours schedulled in some cities along the east coast. When are you guys going to be in the Dallas/Fort Worth area? We would like to have a group meet you anytime you can make it down here. Thank You Sam A
Posted by Sam at 00:50am on 02.06.2010