Thank you GenerationOn and HGTV!
Posted by Kevin Salwen on 06.30.2010Share

We are so flattered and, to be honest, shocked by all that's been going on this week.

First, Hannah received the Hasbro Community Action Hero Award at Radio City Music Hall, where she was one of 6 people under the age of 18 to get the honor. John Oliver of The Daily Show hosted the ceremonies, which were sponsored by GenerationOn (part of the HandsOn Network) as part of the National Conference on Service and Volunteering. To see Hannah on that landmark stage with 4,000 or so people in the audience, wow!

And today, HGTV announced that our family was named as the network's Community Crusaders for the month of July. They came here to Atlanta and shot a one-minute video that they will be showing all month. It's fast and fun. You can see it here.

As for us, well, we remain eager to inspire others to do something charitable, hopefully together with their families. Maybe this TV spot can help.

Congratulations! I was in the fourth row of the Radio City Music Hall event and incredibly inspired by your accomplishments! I used to live and teach in inner-city Atlanta and could easily relate. I just picked up your book and getting more inspiration - to the point I'm strategizing some change for myself (despite the fact, I, too, am already in the philanthropy world but always thinking how we can encourage people to go deeper). For me, it's easier to ask for time, rather than money! (check out
Posted by Julie at 7:03pm on 07.03.2010