A huge TV week for us
Posted by Kevin Salwen on 02.06.2010Share

TiVo alerts left, right and center this week.

Sunday morning we'll be on CBS Sunday Morning in a piece by correspondent Mark Strassmann. I haven't seen the story yet, of course, but he also brings in Princeton ethicist Peter Singer, the United Way CEO, and a supermarket cashier who believes we should all give 10%.

On Monday evening, we'll be featured on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer. (They're coming down to film us tomorrow, so cross your fingers we're not tongue-tied.)

And on Tuesday morning, Hannah and I will be on ABC's The View. Brooke Shields is guest co-hosting! If you watch the promo for upcoming shows, there's some cool stuff about us in the teaser.

Come on, People! Promotional tours like this have a name! They're called "TENT REVIVALS"!
Posted by Mark at 1:40pm on 02.09.2010

really nice of you to ask about the tour. we're trying to add more cities. thanks!!
Posted by Kevin at 6:08pm on 02.07.2010

any plans on visiting northern VA?
Posted by AGyimah at 5:45pm on 02.07.2010

can you extend your book tour to include Dallas?
Posted by Jeff at 1:42pm on 02.07.2010