Abundance and love
Posted by Kevin Salwen on 02.05.2011Share

The Huffington Post asked me to write a little piece about how love played into our family project. So, here it is. Enjoy.

I have really enjoyed reading about Your life changing decision.I only wish others could feel the Love and Joy You and Your family must be experiencing through this journey.My only wish is that others can follow the path that You and Your family are creating,Myself and My family included.Without this seeming like a whine I have experienced financial ruin over the past 2 years and in the mist of it all I have had My family right by My side,We have finally realized that less is more and as We clime out of the hardship that We have endured We have discovered that having dinner cooked at home allows us alot more communication,and alot healthier,We have discovered that doing community and school events is much more fulfilling than any other event we ever went to in the past.As we continue this journey We are learning to give back local at this point,My goal is to try and offer a hand up for anyone who may need it.Again Thank You and Your family for the great inspirational story and wish You Love,Health and Happiness.Sincerely Geoff
Posted by Geoffrey at 4:27pm on 02.05.2011