CNN's look at our work in schools
Posted by Kevin Salwen on 09.12.2011Share

Amid all the Sept 11 coverage this weekend, CNN squeezed in a wonderful piece about the work that our family is doing in the schools in South Fulton County.

We couldn't be more proud. Check it out here. Many thanks to CNN reporter Julie Peterson, whose professionalism is off the charts. Let's hope lots of people click on the piece online so that these kids can get some of the help they need to be their greatest.

Wow, folks, I've been traveling so I missed many of these comments. Apologies for not replying sooner. First, Susanne, yes we are going back to Bear Creek this year and expanding the program there. In addition, we are growing into another school (a high school) to be announced soon. We're very excited. Roseann, thanks for your comments and our family shares your concern for American children. That's why we work our tails off in the U.S. But we believe that all children -- whether born in the US or not -- deserve the opportunity at a brighter future. In fact, your question is one we get asked more than any other. You might be interested in a post I wrote a while back. Kevin
Posted by Kevin at 09:56am on 09.21.2011

Kevin are you going back to Bear Creek this year?
Posted by Susanne at 2:28pm on 09.17.2011

Roseann ~ Are the Salwens only allowed to help those that you deem worthy? If you practice what they're suggesting and start giving of yourself to the causes important to you, perhaps you won't have so much time to sit around on the internet criticizing others who are giving in ways that they choose.
Posted by Susanne at 2:16pm on 09.17.2011

What the Salwin's are doing with the "Power of Half" is great, Bear Creek Middle on the other hand is not. My children are former students of this school and my son was in this program at this school. The Teachers and some of the administration there are a detriment to the students. They tell students all they need to do is get a C, they don't teach all of the material that should be covered during a school term but rather only cover material that will be on the state CRCT and they don't encourage them to aim for their full potential but shoot their hopes and dreams down. They are very negative, use and direct openly rude joking and profanity at the children and the teachers act like their favorite thing to do is write referrals. This can be proven by looking at this schools grade year after year (last year), student failure versus success rate, referrals, number of detentions, in-school and out of school suspensions, suspensions for the rest of the year, expulsions, tribunals, ect.
Posted by Nicole at 4:41pm on 09.16.2011

It is so disappointing that Hannah had this epiphany when she saw a homeless man in her town however then decided to give half the family money to Ghana. Maybe she doesn't realize how budget cuts have effected public schools in this country. Or maybe the homeless man she saw that sent her on this mission could not afford the medication he needed for his mental health condition. There are kids in this country whose families do not have money for dental care. Gum disease and infection are causing these kids to have problems with school and health. Bottom line - there is a lot that could have been done here in your own country without having to send your half to a distant land. How disappointing. You had the epiphany in your home town for a reason; too bad you didn't pay attention.
Posted by roseann at 11:52am on 09.16.2011

How compelling! I will share this story with others asap. I would also love to get in touch and learn more about your cause with United Way! I've always been drawn to people like you! Way to go! p.s. Love the website and book illustration ;)
Posted by Cheryl at 11:23am on 09.13.2011