NY Times readers' responses. Wow.
Posted by Kevin Salwen on 01.25.2010Share

Holy cow!! In the day since Nick Kristof wrote his column about our family, more than 200 people have commented on his blog. Some are harsh (hey, it's the Internet, right?) but so, so many of them are inspiring and incredible. Here's a link to the comment page.

How on Earth can you be cynical when you read things like this:

Donna in Connecticut wrote:

Thank you so much for sharing this inspiring story- it was exactly what I needed to read. After losing my miserable job that was killing me- and where I had put in 25 all-consuming years- I've thought constantly about how I wished I could just do the volunteer work I've always wanted to do but couldn't manage while putting in 70 hour work weeks. Nevertheless, I've spent the last year driving all over the state, desperately trying to find another job doing the same work- which I came to loathe- so I can make the same nice salary again. It's dawned on me lately that my husband and I are doing fine living on his salary and my little pension from my old job. When I got laid off, I took our budget and cut out pretty much everything but food, mortgage expenses and various debts, most of which we've now paid off. We share one car- a less expensive model than what we had before- and my husband takes the commuter bus some days. It's amazing how much you come to think you can't live without, even though you lived without those things for years- nice cars, expensive vacations and dinners out.

Afi in Cleveland wrote:

I'm giving because I'm broke. I'm a freelance journalist, a teaching artist, a dance teacher, a church musician...and every one of my income streams has evaporated. I worry about making my mortgage.

I've found that generosity takes off the pressure.

I'm inviting friends to dinner, I'm donating clothes and other items. When my mother mentioned giving away clothes (she's dropped from a size 22 to a size 8) I gathered them for a friend.
I'm donating time and effort as well as money.

I want to get to the point where I understand I always have enough to share.

I'm sorry that some people choose to be critical of your project. Your family should be honored for its generosity. I'm truly inspired.
Posted by Debra at 1:56pm on 01.28.2010

John, interesting point. we'll try to blog on that in the next few days. Thanks
Posted by Kevin at 1:00pm on 01.27.2010

Have you addressed any of the "cynical" comments? It would be interesting to hear from you how 1/2 of someone with lots of resources is different or the same as 1/2 of someone with few resources. How do you see the Power of 1/2 related to someone just above the poverty line? Whats the value of the "wants" that we have in our lives? My guess is that you (like me and others) have more than one TV in our home, isn't that excess? Would love to hear your comments.
Posted by John at 1:05pm on 01.26.2010

clicking the Like button.
Posted by Alex at 12:13pm on 01.25.2010