Our appearance on Diane Rehm -- and the comments..
Posted by Kevin Salwen on 06.03.2010Share

Yesterday, Hannah and I appeared on the Diane Rehm Show, with guest host Frank Sesno sitting in for Diane. If you haven't listened to this great NPR show, it's an interview and call-in combo. So, we talked to Frank for a while, then the questions and comments started.

Some emailers (read by Frank on the air) took us to task for not understanding that average Americans don't have much to give. One caller explained how he'd lost his job and had nothing at all to give.

I responded by explaining -- as I often do -- that nothing about The Power of Half has anything to do with money or size. Instead, I noted, it's about giving what you have more than enough of ... and often that's time . For us, it was the house, of course, but for others it could be half the hours they spend online or watching TV. No cash investment necessary. Or as the kids at Rye Middle School suggested, time your showers and then cut the length of them in half (a nice win for the environment!)

Today, on the Diane Rehm site, there's a great debate about how much giving is enough, whether we're on the right track, etc. For instance, one person wrote: "Another show with an arrogant, upper-crust person hawking their book about how to manage life........she is theorizing about hypothetical living styles that lots of cash would make possible.........if I had an unlimited budget I could relax too!! and think the great thoughts that she arrogantly is pushing."

Give the comments a read. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I heard part of the interview and thought how inspiring. We are trying to teach our 7 year old that he doesn't need endless amounts of things to make him happy. I'm going to the book store to get your book today and I plan to read it during our family time and hopefully our son will see how having less can actually make you much more happy from the inside out. Many of us have good intentions but you all have come together as a family / team to make them a reality. Bravo!
Posted by Rene at 12:07pm on 06.05.2010