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Posted by Kevin Salwen on 10.05.2010Share

University Church in Syracuse is launching a 6-week study of The Power of Half, using the book to examine some of our more basic values. My favorite part of this, of course, is that there are very few mentions of us; it's largely about people looking at their own lives.

Here's a look at the church bulletin insert for Week 1.

Things to Ask Yourself/Think About

  1. --- In what ways can you identify with the Salwen family experience? Have you ever felt a “loss of togetherness” in your family? What contributed to that loss?
  1. --- In your own experience, when has “providing for your family” (or “doing the best for your family”) gotten in the way of “being family”? How do you resolve that tension or maintain a balance between them?

  1. --- What are the key values that define your family life and structure?

  2. --- If you could re-shape or re-do your family life and priorities, what would you do differently?

  3. --- What do family meals and family conversations look like in your family? What would you change about them, if you could?

  4. --- Is talking together as a family about world problems and big human issues something that appeals to you? Why or why not? How has this worked in your own family?

  5. --- The Salwens talk about giving their kids an equal say in family decisions (like where to live . . . how to budget their money . . . what organizations to support). How do decisions get made in your family? What would it mean to give your children equal voice and vote?

  6. --- “Setting out to be selfless became the most self-interested thing we ever did.” What does this mean to you?

  7. --- What great adventure / audacious project has brought (or might bring) your family a greater sense of unity and purpose?
Thanks, Kyle, for the support and the energy! we're in this together.
Posted by Kevin at 4:49pm on 10.08.2010

I'm so inspired by this. I really wish the whole developed world would be taken by a Power of Half storm... it's a concept that has something for everyone in terms of looking at your own personal life in relation to all your fellow human beings. Thanks for posting this, Kevin. It's important to hear that this idea is spreading, because it really needs to grow, there is just SO MUCH DARN VALUE in it!! I will continue to talk up the book and your story. Thank you again for putting this out in the world.
Posted by Kyle at 9:40pm on 10.07.2010

Thanks so much for your note, Christine. We love the idea that a big company's department might take on a single Half project. Have to think it can help the team too. Keep us posted!
Posted by Kevin at 10:55am on 10.07.2010

Kevin - I LOVE your book. It has greatly impacted my life. Don't worry about all the naysayers out there - you'll never make everyone happy, but you are changing lives and that's what's important. I wanted to share with you that I work at a Fortune 100 company and I'm taking this concept to my department of 150 people and asking them to all participate in "The Power of Half" challenge and find something to give up for the greater good. I think that collectively the group could make a big difference. Thanks for sharing your story and inspiring people like me to pass it on!
Posted by Christine at 6:55pm on 10.06.2010