The 93 dollar club
Posted by Kevin Salwen on 02.08.2010Share

Hey Power of Half friends, sometimes people think they have to do something huge to make a difference. Our family thinks -- as we say ad nauseum -- that everyone has more than enough of something, that everyone has the ability to make a difference. And it doesn't have to cost a lot.

That's why I love this story of the 93 Dollar Club. You can read about the group over here on Facebook. Click on their video for a 2-minute primer.

Debi, Sorry, I didn't see your comment. If you would contact me at, I'm happy to work something out. Best regards.
Posted by Kevin at 00:04am on 02.12.2010

I am extremely interested in utilizing your book with high school students and their parents in a book study. Would it be possible to do a skype talk with you?
Posted by Debi at 9:26pm on 02.09.2010

saw you on The View today and it was so timely b/c i wrote on my blog about giving back recently. see: KUDOS to your family for walking the walk ... not just talk!
Posted by Sheila at 9:15pm on 02.09.2010

Hi Hana, That is Best American Story, I Every heard. And I getting old - 40'ish. Very well done! God Bless your Mom& Dad. And your Brother. I hope story inspire more American & People. Tks, to Diane Swayer for running it. Love, Teri
Posted by Teri at 9:51pm on 02.08.2010

at first it sounded perfect than when i heard the family gave 800,000 to the feed the hungry program and im pretty sure thats basicly used overseas i then felt like once a can someone walked away from that homeless man in atlanta probably a vietnam vet u see the gov help but the poverty,hungry,and abused in this country should have been where the money went.If the rich keeping helping other countries and not every last american in this country than maybe we dont want to look inside and help afterall.No wonder not so many people do help if a man panhandles here there broadcasted over shows like dateline that claim they make a half a million a year yea right,but other countries that dont care a thing about us seemed to stay on the heartstrings of our wealthy americans dont get it
Posted by sky at 7:18pm on 02.08.2010