Wanna know real success?
Posted by Kevin Salwen on 03.30.2010Share

Thank you, David Brooks, for the latest in a great series of recent articles in The New York Times on the connection between happiness and the non-material. As we know (but somehow must constantly be reminded), stuff doesn't make us happy, relationships do. And we've been learning that giving releases brain chemicals that make us feel good, providing scientific evidence behind what we long have felt in our guts.

But Brooks' piece in today's paper focuses on new research showing how career success isn't even as important as many of us think it is. He uses the "Sandra Bullock test," in other words, win an Oscar at the same time your marriage implodes. Guess which one wins. Fascinating.

Had a good meal with friends lately? Found the right nonprofit to partner with? (We have.)

Ah yes....those unexamined, unconscious assumptions strike again....Salwens - thanks for being the intervention that you are i.e. the wake up call that you provide for a whole new level of connection for so many of us.
Posted by Jim at 12:48pm on 03.30.2010