Welcome to The Power of Half
Posted by Kevin Salwen on 01.11.2010Share

Welcome to the The Power of Half site and blog. Through our family project, we set out to make a small difference in the world and ended up transforming ourselves. We found that creating a “half” project was an amazingly powerful tool to building deeper connections and trust among us.

While the book that Hannah and I wrote tells our family story, this site is designed to help you learn more about giving and hopefully to better bond your family or community or group through a unified sense of purpose. Our family will be posting often here about our project, thoughts and learning. We'll be open and honest, opinionated and hopefully helpful. We'll share items that inspire us.

And, to broaden our insights, we're also bringing in two great experts:

  • John Coonrod, vice president of The Hunger Project, who has been a mentor and traveling companion in Africa. John is absolutely a genius about world hunger and poverty issues and he's got a lot to share.
  • Luana Nissan, director of the Glenn Institute for Philanthropy and Service Learning. Luana knows more about youth giving than anyone I've met -- and her mission to build a curriculum for giving is inspiring.

But more than anything, this should be your site. We hope you've come here to learn how to create a life of more meaningful service and giving -- and how that process can be used to bond those you care about. While we're excited about sharing what we know and what we've learned, we are just as eager to hear from you about your lives, hopes and dreams.

We hope you'll comment and interact often. Thanks for joining us on this journey. As always, let us know what you think.

Just saw your piece on ABC..$800,000 to Ghana.?..What couldn't find anyone needing help In Atlanta ?....or anywhere else in the USA..?..
Posted by randi at 7:15pm on 02.08.2010

As a person who works with the homeless, I heartily congratulate this wonderful family. Great job, all of you!
Posted by Patsey at 8:22pm on 01.31.2010

Thank you so much for sharing your story, and for doing it in the first place! My husband and I recently down-sized our home, and it has been rewarding! We spend so much more time together and realized we never needed all that stuff in the first place! I'm so excited to get your book and be inspired to help others! It's always on the back of my mind, however the Haiti catastrophe has reminded me once again, that it needs to be in the forefront.
Posted by Rachel at 12:17pm on 01.26.2010

I think this is a lovely idea! I wish more people did this. Go, Salwens! It's quite inspiring. I have a daughter and I can only hope she's half as socially conscious as Hannah. On the other hand: I just watched your NBC video, and while I totally applaud what you're doing, you may want to realize that your new house is nicer even than what most typical Americans can afford. And your new kitchen is hardly "tiny"! I am not at all suggesting that you should've downsized into a 1-bedroom apartment - but you just may want to be aware that the images of your lovely new home, combined with the tone "can you believe what we're living in now?" really comes across as a bit out of touch in that video, honestly.
Posted by Teri at 06:15am on 01.24.2010