What I'm reading ....
Posted by Kevin Salwen on 02.06.2010Share

Just started reading Richard Gunderman's "We Make a Life by What We Give." I must say, he grabs me at the Preface with this:

"Giving our best is not primarily a matter of managing money, nor is it about implementing a particular set of rules or moral principles. Giving well is about fully engaging our moral imaginations in the quest for a richer human life. It requires that we think and feel for ourselves, though not by ourselves."

I think I'm gonna like this one.

If you were truly giving all that you appear to be giving, you would not have time to do inspirational reading. Post your FINANCIALS on your website, instead. Newly inspired yuppies like you & Joan make me furious, especially when you bring your kids in on it.
Posted by Mark at 1:54pm on 02.09.2010