What potential we have...
Posted by Kevin Salwen on 08.09.2011Share

Only 26 percent of Americans volunteered last year, according to a new survey by the Corporation for National & Community Service. Just one in four.

That means three out of four people in our country decided they didn't have the time or the interest. Or they didn't see a problem they could fix. Or they couldn't pull themselves away from American Idol or Jersey Shore.

What a difference we could make if we all stepped up, giving of our energy, love and time.

***Here's the survey, if you want to see where your state ranks.

I for one would suggest that some non-profits communicate better with potential volunteers. I have applied to volunteer with two non-profits and have heard NO response whatsoever. I'm also a student so it's hard to juggle volunteering with a full-time college load and a part-time job. Plus my work schedule can vary from month to month and most places want you to commit to a consistent schedule. :sigh: I loved volunteering back in high school and I'd love to volunteer more but given the hours of most non-profits and my schedule, the two hardly ever match up.
Posted by Courtney at 5:12pm on 09.12.2011

The typos in my posts are caused by typing on a small cell phone keyboard. I niotice in another post you commented on a posters typos or incorrect spelling. That is so charitable of you. I prrefer to be kinder to others.
Posted by Sara at 4:56pm on 09.10.2011

Are you aware that in nyc they turn away hospital volunteers. Most charities prefer cold hard cash. I am reluctant to donate cash unless i can get a full accounting of where the money goes. I prefer to help peopele who can not possibly help themselves, like children or the severely disabled. I also prefer to help people when i think they will use the money as a spring board to bettering themselves rather than making charity a way of life. To each his own. Why do you feel the need to preach and dictate to others. Do you think your way is definitively the best way to improve society. This entire endeavor is tacky. The fact that your family has turned it into a career is even more tacky. I might give y,all some slack if you donated all your profits from making profits from preaching, i miight actually respect your opinion.
Posted by Sara at 4:47pm on 09.10.2011