Who sez it's gotta be big?
Posted by Kevin Salwen on 01.05.2011Share

Loved this piece from late December about a guy who did the simplest philanthropy you can imagine -- cut a single, simple thing from his life and spending, in his case a cup of coffee.

We always say that size doesn't matter, that no houses need to be sold to do a Half project. Folks tell us all the time about cleaning out their closets or giving away half their weekend time.

Hats off to Carlo Garcia for showing us his way...

Love it...signed up to follow his blog and facebook!
Posted by Kelly at 1:53pm on 02.02.2011

nice ! this is a story I wanna share with my students who are often wondering what they can do to help. Hold the churro in the lunchroom, perhaps? thanks for sharing!
Posted by valerie at 7:02pm on 01.05.2011