Need a short, sweet video to remind you what we're all doing here? May I humbly recommend this one?....[Read more]
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Boom. And just like that, a thousand more kids were added this week to The Power of Half Schools Initiative. Here's the story of how it happ....[Read more]
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Sometimes it's awfully hard to see that we're making a difference -- or that the world is changing at all. Is poverty getting better? Is hun....[Read more]
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Through The Power of Half, our family set out to make a small difference in the world and ended up transforming ourselves. We found that creating a "half" project was an amazing powerful tool to building deeper connections and trust among us. While the book tells our family story, this site is designed to help you learn more about giving and hopefully to better bond your family, community or any group through a unified sense of purpose.
Grammar Ltd now offering The Power of Half e-Book as free product for users who sign-up for its Grammarly Premium Trial.
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