How fun is this???
Posted by Kevin Salwen on 01.19.2010Share

A package arrived via UPS yesterday with, drumroll please, two real honest-to-goodness copies of The Power of Half. Galleys are fun, mockups are marvelous. But there is nothing like having the book itself in our hands. Fifteen months of writing, editing, tweaking, fact-checking, debating, compromising, and now this. Tangible rewards. Wow!

Hannah arrived back from Australia last night and we opened it together, with Joan and Joseph cheering (and taking pictures). It was a fun family moment.

The books ship from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt tomorrow and then bookstores will start selling them -- although the official launch date is February 10.


How exciting!!! I just read a piece in the NT Times today, by Nicholas Kristoff adn was so inspired. How proud you must be to have such an amazing daughter. I feel the excitement myself seeing you holding the book in your hands. Looking forward to reading it!
Posted by karen at 11:06am on 01.24.2010