I love this article
Posted by Hannah on 02.11.2010Share

Check out this article. I love her humor and ideas on new-found money.

wow!I can't believe these people's comments!!You know "when you change the way you look at things the things you look at change" These people have bitterness in their hearts and are can't accept someone trying to do something mother Theresa said" people are unreasonable,illogical and them anyway. If you do good they will accuse you of selfish good anyway. If you are successful you will gain false friends and true enemies...succeed anyway. The good you do may be forgotten tomorrow, do good anyway. Honesty and openness will make you hones and open anyway. What you spend years building may be destroyed in a anyway. People who really need help may attack you if you try to give a them anyway. Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough or you may get hurt...give the world the best You have anyway!!!!
Posted by norma at 11:33pm on 04.15.2010

Salwen Family; I am sure that you have by now experienced the incredible joy that comes from giving. I wonder if you would like to help me give away some money I have not made yet. I am broke and nearly homeless, I have a few disabilities, but your story has inspired me to try and make a few million, or more, to give away. I do not travel well, (It is hard for me to leave the house.) maybe you could be my ambassadors of goodwill if I am able to accomplish this goal. Greg Wilkinson
Posted by Greg at 10:06pm on 02.12.2010

Hannah, your story brings tears to my eyes; you and your family are true messengers of God. Kevin and Joan, do you feel repaid one hundred times? That is the secret joy I know you must feel is it not incredible? Joe, nice of you to humor them, I am glad you became involved. I would bet that it has been more than worth it. Greg A Wilkinson
Posted by Greg at 9:39pm on 02.12.2010

Coach June is right, Hannah. EVERY little bit adds up! Please forgive my judgmental comments below about the technical in's and out's of giving. It's just that we Americans are a generous people, from the very rich to the very poor. And, just as the knee jerks when the doctor taps, many people like me who saw you & Dad on TV felt insulted because we have already done what Jesus said in Mark 10:21 – “go thy way, sell whatsoever thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, take up the cross, and follow me.” Like many in these hard economic times, I became disabled, bed-ridden, and only able to use a computer with speech recognition. I have lost everything, including my retirement because I did what Jesus said. Please extend my sincere apologies to Mom & Dad for any of my angry blog comments.
Posted by Mark at 5:11pm on 02.12.2010

Hannah, I'm so incredably proud of you! I'm so proud of the fact that I got to be part of your life, even if it was just for volleyball. What you have done and inspired others to do is amazing. People love to critize but we all know that EVERY little bit adds up and I think it's very cool that you get to travel all over and inspire other families and young adults that they could do just a little to make a big difference. Keep up the great work Conan! Coach June
Posted by June at 1:21pm on 02.11.2010

Dearest Hannah, you are a lovely young lady and I wish you well. However, I'm just now beginning to cool off after seeing your dad and you on the promotional book tour of the TV networks. I do not blame you for my outrage. Dad and Mom aren't giving you the whole story. In fact the article's author you mentioned confirms that she and your parents don't have a clue about the poor or underprivileged. Again, what you don't know is that "The Power of Half" book implies it is for legal, charitable activity. And, the way Dad is promoting it through YOU appears to some as fraudulent for personal gain (even if you DO give half the proceeds away). When one publishes a book of this nature, a lot of people believe that ALL of your book proceeds should go to legally declared charities and not to people, places, or things of you or your family’s choice. Even traveling expenses used to transport you and your dad to promotional events are suppose to come out of your own pocket and not from book sales. Your dad AND mom know better than this because he worked at the WSJ and your mom worked at Accenture. I think this is probably why many people are so mad at you guys. The people that are buying the book don't understand this, either. Your lovely heart is in the right place, but read DianeSawyerInTheHampton's comment on the blog that appeared for your ABC World News appearance. Even though you gave up half of your former home, your smaller home is more than luxurious to most Americans. I do believe your mom & dad's hearts are going in the right direction, but so were the Baptist missionaries that got arrested in Haiti. What they did was wrong, self-serving, and it was not legal. Best wishes to you and your innocent heart.
Posted by Mark at 1:13pm on 02.11.2010

Very nice article. It is interesting to read the reactions of many different people. Fascinating!
Posted by Dharma at 12:16pm on 02.11.2010